Selecting A Realtor

From Security Title

There is a saying about those who choose to serve as their own counsel that can have even greater consequences to someone buying or selling property. For many of us, this is one of the most significant investments and personal transactions in our lives. an agent in a real estate transaction takes on a responsibility upon which hundreds of thousands of dollars are at stake. To assume that responsibiity without training, current knowledge, and immediate access to the market in a given area is to operate at a distinct disadvantage. This is why a real estate professional is crucial to a successful & equitable transaction. In Arizona, a real estate professional is licensed only after demonstrating to the Arizona Department of Real Estate his or her knowledge of the laws, contracts, and accepted practices related to the sale and purchase of real estate in Arizona. To keep their license current, Realtors must maintain a schedule of continuing education in areas required by the state. An active Realtor, through education, access to listings through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and as an agent for other sellers and buyers, will have the relevant and current knowledge of the inventory, pricing, history and other trends. This expertise will enable you to achieve optimal success in your transaction.

A Real Estate Professional Is

  • Aware of the complicated and ever-changing local and state requirements and laws that may have an affect upon your real estate transaction.
  • A successful negotiator who can facilitate agreement by all parties to terms that will end in a successful transaction.
  • Knowledgeable about the marketplace you are in. Familiar with past history, current trends and knowledge about existing inventory and pricing.
  • Able to find the best match available to your needs, wants, lifestyle & budget.
  •  Someone who you believe is working in your best interest.

Why You Should Choose Me
To Represent You

1. Smart strategy, smart marketing and massive effort

2. Personal integrity

3. Respect for my professionalism by other Realtors

My desire is not just to facilitate a transaction, but to establish a lasting trust so that buyers and sellers look to me for future advice and expertise.

What I Believe

by Larry Naso

I believe a positive experience buying and selling a home is just as important as the outcome.

Through the 25+ years as a real estate specialist, I have had the good fortune to help many individuals and families with their residential real estate, from starter homes to minicastles, condos to townhomes. Rather than work in one specific niche, such as luxury homes, my focus is entirely on people and helping them find their perfect home. Because our connection to “home” is beyond stucco and tile, I believe a positive experience buying and selling a home is just as important as the outcome.